First Place Preschool spring pics

Rachel Robinson Photography


Whats going to happen?

Spring images this year are going to be so fun and a little different! Sign up below for a “your pics are ready” Text! it will be a personalized text for you to know that the images are up and ready to be seen!

We will be inside, with a great clean, white backdrop! So have fun! Send your kiddos in a lot of color! Its going to be awesome!

Set up a haircut the week before so you are ready to go! And picking out an outfit before the big day really helps everyone! But have fun with it!


Graduation portraits

Thursday, April 4, will be Cap and Gown portrait day! The graduation portrait will have the cap and gown. Please dress them in a t-shirt, boys hair won’t really show. Girls hair is great curled or nicely worn down.

It will be against a chalkboard like black back drop inside!

These images will be included in your gallery with the spring portraits taken earlier in the week!


How to order?

Sign up for the VIP text below and you will be one of the first to know your images are ready to be seen online!

A website will be sent through that text or you can wait for the email out to the preschool from the director! There will be a link sent with your Childs name in alphabetical order, find their name and you will see their adorable face!

Below is an outline of what is available online for you to buy and download!

There will be a 2 week free shipping ordering period that you can take advantage of. During those 2 weeks you can bypass the shipping by clicking on go to school in the notes. Your prints will then be delivered after that 2 week ordering period. There is always the ship to home option as well!

Classroom schedule!

Sibling shots will be taken first thing each day. Your siblings can be taken together on the day of your youngest child

Tuesday, April 2 - Individual and Class Photos

All 2 year old Classes

      -Ms. Jean and Ms. Nichole's class

      -Ms. Nicole and Ms. Miyoung's class

All 3 year old Classes 

       -Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Connie's class 

       -Ms. Anita and Ms. Courtney's class

All 4 year old Classes 

       -Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Keely's class

       -Ms. Samantha and Ms. Sadia's class

       -Ms. Amber and Ms. Stephanie's class

Wednesday, April 3 - Individual and Class Photos

Infants and Crawlers

      -Ms. Mercedes, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Emara and Ms. Ciara's class

      -Ms. Angie and Ms. Leah's class

Toddler and Walkers

  -Ms. Kristen and Ms. Deb

      -Ms. Michele and Ms. Tigist

Thursday, April 4 - Graduation Photos Only
All 4 year old Graduates :)

       -Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Keely's class

       -Ms. Samantha and Ms. Sadia's class

       -Ms. Amber and Ms. Stephanie's class

(if your child will be absent this day please let us know and we can take their image early on in the week)

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