Why use me?

When you look at your family, the people you spend your life with, what do you see? You see a lot, I know: the good, the bad, the amazing, the beautiful, the stressful, etc.. When I go into a photo shoot, I am taking it all in. I know that you have taken time to carefully pick out the right clothes for your family to wear, that you have planned your weekend or day around this time, that you have probably even had a little fight in the car! Believe me, I know, because, guess what! I have done them myself. I know what you are coming into and once I've got you, I am going to bring you in and you'll feel yourself start to relax. We will have fun! I want you to be yourself. We all know that, in theory, we want that "everyone smiling and looking at the camera family image," but what about the laughter in between, the silly faces or even the eye rolls? What about those looks your kids give their dad? What about those cuddles they give mom. These seasons are fleeting, and as much as we all love the perfect, everyone smiling, everyone happy family picture, don't forget how special those in-between moments are -the ones you usually can't capture and keep forever. Guess what though. I can! I can be there for those moments and capture them so that when your babies are old, you'll remember that scrunch above their nose and those super chubby, scrumptious toes. You can remember that side smile from your mischievous four year old, or that sweet oldest child always obeying while everyone else is running a muck! 

My approach is to make you comfortable, make you feel like we have been friends for years. I want this to be a special day to capture and hold on to those fleeting moments forever. 

So, go ahead and fill out this form below and lets get to it!