Nutcracker Full Day Capture

Not many get the chance to be Clara, these girls work so hard to get this part and It is SUCH an exciting time! After 11 years being in photography business, I have done weddings, families, babies and now I am so lucky to be offering theater and ballet lifestyle shoots. Having the oppurtunity to curate and watch this very important day unfold, to capture the little things that tell the story. The moments that the family dont get to see because they are backstage, these special moments before the big dance, the sweet moments of mom and daughter doing hair and makeup, the encouraging and loving friends who are SO excited for their Clara! This is what I am here for! To show the unfolding of this awesome moment and story for your child to remember oh so fondly! SO welcome to my page! Below you will see options for coverage and what to expect! Please let me know if there are any questions you may have! Id also love to get coffee with you and figure out what would be best for you and your 2019 Clara!


Barre/Getting Ready 

As the ballerinas are taking to barre that day, this is a great time for the dancer to get used to me. to go through the motions of barre and just see how I will be capturing her. At this time I will be talking with her a little to ease her into the night. This is a great time for her to relax into the evening. She is warming up in all the ways, and getting used to me and all the attention! I will capture her doing makeup, getting shoes on,  the little details: her dress, the crystals on her toe shoes, her sweet friends backstage with her. 

If there are any special things that should be captured that I wouldnt already know about please include an email with those things for me to be sure to capture them. 


Full Performance 

During the performance I move around. During the first act I will be in and out of back stage and main floor. During the solo dances and duets I will be in the crowd capturing from that angle. During 2nd Act I capture a little from both angles. And in the end of the ballet I will be back in the crowd capturing that last moment between Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy. 



up to 2 hours On-Location shoot

this is enough time to capture the getting ready backstage and beginning of the Ballet!

25  Images you choose from your gallery

Online Gallery for you to view and share  


up to 3 hour On-Location shoot

This is a great option that gives you coverage of the before and during the ballet! Capturing moments before she hits the stage and capturing her killing it on stage!

50 Images you choose from your gallery 

Online Gallery for you to view and share


Meet N Greet 

After her amazing performance we will go together out to lobby to receive many family and friends. This is a great place to get family images together and friends included! If you would like you can give me a list of the different family images you would like with Clara in them so that we are sure to capture those without you having to worry about it. 


up to 4-6 hours On-Location shoot

This is the ultimate Clara package. It is coverage for the entire day and you will receive all the edited images which can be up to 700 images telling the story of her Character!  

10x10 Character album edited and designed by Rachel Robinson

Online Gallery for you to view and share

Copyright release of all the edited images 

 USB of Hi and Lo resolution images for you to have in your portfolio for you to share and print