You've booked your session! So whats next? 

Where should we meet? Is your family more comfortable in an urban setting, downtown in deep ellum or with cool textured walls or graffiti in Mckinney? Or would you find yourselves in a field at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, open space with trees like the Trinity Audubon, or maybe even flowers in a more manicured setting like the Arboretum? Whats your style? 

The time of day matters! I love to do my photo shoots in the morning or late in the evening. Depending on the time of year, we can do shoots as late as 6:00 pm to get that yummy golden light. Or as early as 8 to get a sweet calm light in the morning. 

What should I wear?? I always say think of what your most comfortable in, what do you feel mostly YOU in! Then take it up just a notch with style and fashion by adding a fun necklace, scarf or fun shoes! And you'll be comfortable in front of the camera because you are comfy in your clothes! Especially for family images I always think that picking a color scheme and then letting others decide on what they love in that color works best. SO if you all love blue, all different blues, one person in a dress, some in jeans etc, it makes the image look great when their is texture and everyone is being themselves! 

Should I bring anything? I like to limit it to mostly just to my clients, we don't have a need for props unless you are trying to get something across like a sign or maybe baby shoes etc. So just bring what you need for a small hour walk around. Maybe some wipes or small snack, but I will have those in tow as well! If we will be in a field setting I will bring a couple of quilts with me for you all to use! Let me know if you have anything special that you would like