What could I do to be ready for my Newborn Shoot? 


-I'd love to arrive at their sleepiest time so keep an eye on their “new” schedule and we will figure out the best time to come 

-We will be shooting all through out the house, but mainly in the room with the most available natural light so make sure the room is clear and ready, I'll move some things if I need to!

-I will bring a heating pad and white noise machine to keep baby happy and warm!

- If baby or you have some music that you like or he seems to respond to, we can have that ready to be turned on in the room (I like white noise and music to help create as much ambient noise as possible so that nothing disturbs baby)

- Go ahead and feed baby (if schedule allows) 30 minutes or so prior to my arrival

-It would be great if baby could be only in a diaper when I arrive, that way we do not have to disrupt him/her by undressing them, so for that feeding before I get there just bundle them up in a blanket with the diaper 💜

-if you can Have all items that you are interested in using in the shoot out and ready for me to sort through:  baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, etc. depending on what we decide and I'll be bringing some of these things as well

-I hate asking this because I feel like its a lot, but, if you can make sure nursery is as nice and tidy as you can, but don't stress if it doesn't get done. Should we do photos of baby in there, I can move things around just to make the photos that much better, so please don't do any extra cleaning on my part!

-If you would like to be in images with your baby, just make sure to take some time for yourself, so that you feel nice, maybe wear something that makes you feel good! It always helps to wear colors that compliment your setting. Something I love are beautiful light colors for a soft and gentle look.

-I don’t always have an assistant available so I may need help. It would be great if Dad is around I don’t want Mom to be working too hard.

-Be prepared for explosions of all kinds: ptop, pee and spit up may go flying or spraying on anything around. (I get peed on a lot! ) Let’s have burp cloths, wipes and clean up stuff out and ready!

-Get ready to LOVE your baby even more, watching them sleep is such a beautiful thing. However, don’t be surprised if it takes them a good while to get into “baby model mode.”  They aren’t used to being handled this much! I hear a lot of, “They aren’t usually like this.”  Well, they aren’t usually picked up every few minutes and posed on props.  Eventually they get so tuckered out, they don’t notice. With that in mind we will just work off that sweet baby and do what is best for them at the time! Sometimes the newborn shoot can take up to 3 hours only because we want baby to be as happy as can be, so if we need to feed him or rock him or just hold him sometimes it just takes time, and that is quite alright!


No matter what, we will get some amazing images out of our time together! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help with anything!


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!