Wedding Day is approaching, what can you expect! 

At this poinot we have discussed timing of your day and what time I will be arriving! I cant wait to capture everything! Below is a lit sof images that I have used as a guide for most of my wedding career, the

Bridal Box:

Bridal Jewelry: earrings, necklace and bracelets, any head piece or extra detail you may wear that day



Veil or flower crown

full invitation to the wedding, rsvp cards etc

Your dress should also be near by at this time; we may take images of the dress while in the room or we may spot a great area near by to take an image of the dress as well.

These are some great images that we will get through out the day and after the ceremony

► Bride alone

► Bride with mom and dad

► Bride with dad

► Bride with mom

► Bride with immediate family 

► Bride with siblings

► Generational shot: Bride, mom, sister(s), grandmother

► Bride with mom and mother-in-law

► Bride with mother-in-law

► Bride with bridesmaids

► Bride with maid of honor

► Bride with flower girl(s)

► Groom alone

► Groom with mom and dad

► Groom with dad

► Groom with mom

► Groom with immediate family

► Groom with siblings 

► Generational shot: Groom, father, brother(s), grandfather

► Groom with father and father-in-law

► Groom with father-in-law

► Groom with groomsmen

► Groom with best man

► Groom with ring bearer(s)

Photos Together, These will be the images we take after the ceremony or directly before. Please let immediate family know that they are needed at 3:00 and the extended family should be warned not to leave the ceremony site when dismissed, they will stay and take images and be dismissed after those images are taken.


Please gather a list for me of names of the extended family for these categories below that are not just the bride and groom :)

► Bride and groom

► Bride, groom, bride's immediate family

► Bride, groom, bride's parents

► Bride, groom, groom's immediate family   

► Bride, groom, groom's parents

► Bride, groom, both sets of parents

► Bride, groom, both immediate families

► Bride, groom, siblings

► Bride, groom, all grandparents

► Bride, groom, each grandparent (or set of grandparents)

► Bride and groom with extended families

► Bride, groom, maid of honor, best man 

► Bride, groom, flower girl, ring bearer 

► Bride with groomsmen

► Groom with bridesmaids 

► Bride, groom, full wedding party